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Translation Services

Mobile Crisis Services provides service in English. 

If you don’t speak English, we will access a translation service.
Services can be provided by calling, email or walking into our office.  
Mobile Crisis Services, Inc. partners with CanTalk who provide confidential translation
services 24 hours per day. Independant of your local cultural community.

Here’s how it works:

Call or Walk-in:

  1. Call us at 306 757 0127 or walk-in
  2. Identify your language
  3. Participate in a three-way call with a translator

Email Support

  1. Email us by clicking on “Email Us Online Help” from our Home Page 
  2. Complete form - Identify your language
  3. Support will be provided in your language of choice.

Website Content
Our webpages can be translated to other languages in Google Chrome it is simple to do.

  1. Right-click any webpage and select Translate to English
  2. Then select Options and select your language

We can provide service in over 155 languages, including Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, Greek, Polish, Russian, and Serbian.

Complete Language List