Mobile Crisis Helpline

24 hours a day, 7 Days a Week


Mobile Crisis Helpline 24/7


Crisis Counsellors provide support to victims of domestic violence in Regina and rural Saskatchewan 24/7.

  • Counselling victim or assailant
  • Emergency Intervention Orders – Orders can be applied for through Mobile Crisis Services
  • Arrange safe shelter for adults and children
  • Develop safety plans for women/children/men who are unable to go into shelter
  • The Agency works closely with Women’s Shelters, Domestic Violence Outreach Project, City Police, Aboriginal groups and a number of other community organizations.
  • Transportation
  • Information and referral

Mobile Crisis Helpline call 306 757 0127
Rural Saskatchewan can call the Farm Stress Line  1 800 667 4442

Need a safe shelter go to  Emergency Shelter Availability to see what space is available in Domestic Violence Shelters.  

For more information about Emergency Intervention Orders and the Victims of Domestic Violence Act please read these two brochures provided by the Ministry of Justice. 
Emergency Intervention Orders Brochure pdf.    Victims of Domestic Violence Act - Fact Sheet pdf.

Public Legal Education Association has a very good article on Abusive Relationships and the impact the legal system has on families involved in an abusive relationship.