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Emergency Shelter Availability - Now available!October 18, 2015

As of November 1, 2015 homeless youth, individuals, families or any community resource  will be able to identify what shelters have space.  Simply by clicking on “Emergency Shelter Availability” from Mobile Crisis Services home page.

The shelters that provide this needed accommodation will now be able to update what space is available in their shelter 24 hrs.  This should provide a more accurate picture for client, the community and professionals about which resources have space in the City of Regina. 
Mobile Crisis Services would like to thank all of the shelters and the Cold Weather Strategy Committee that has reduced the risk to the homeless in Regina.

Government of Saskatchewan – Ministry of Social Services
Salvation Army
Street Culture Project Inc.
YWCA -   My Aunts Place / Kikinaw / Isabel Johnson Shelter
Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region – Brief Detox / Crisis Response Team
City of Regina / Regina City Police
Regina Mobile Crisis Services Inc.
Regina Transition House
Carmichael Outreach
Souls Harbour Rescue Mission
United Way Regina

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