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Mobile Crisis Helpline 24/7


If you are an individual or family and you are homeless in Regina you can:

  • Check "Emergency Shelter Availability" from the home page and then go to the shelter that has space available.
  • Call Mobile Crisis Services – 3067570127 - 24 hours 7 days a week If you are unsure what to do or shelters are full you can call or walk in and talk to a crisis worker at Mobile Crisis Services – 1646 11 Ave
  • Any of the Emergency Shelters can direct you to available space
    Check out Regina 2017 Street Survival Guide - PDF for Shelters and Free Food Program
  • You can call Mobile Crisis Services If you are affected by Extreme Heat and we can assess your situations to ensure you are safe.
    Bottled water is available at Mobile Crisis Services office during Extreme Heat weather days. 

What is the Regina Cold Weather Strategy?


In March and April 2013, Ministry of Social Services convened service providers to Regina’s homeless population, including shelters, health, emergency service agencies, and housing providers to develop a cold weather strategy for the community. 

This strategy is designed to work with existing services. The purpose is to ensure services work together so everyone sleeps in a safe place on cold nights in Regina. 


Individual shelters and agencies make their own policy. However, collectively agencies agreed to be flexible with their policies during extreme cold weather to ensure people are safe.

This strategy is guided by the following principles:

  • No one should sleep outside on a cold night.
  • Individual dignity must be respected even in emergency situations:  each person should have a bed or a cot, not just a mat on the floor or a chair.
  • Everyone is allowed access to emergency shelter including intoxicated persons or those previously banned from shelters.
  • Family relationships should be respected: families and couples should be able to stay together.
  • Warm, indoor spaces should be available 24 hours a day.
  • Everyone will work to ensure that homeless people are aware of safe, available sleeping options.
Cold Weather Strategy

Regina will enact the Cold Weather Strategy each year between November 1 and March 31. This group will meet at the beginning of October every year to determine strategy needs. . This strategy will be flexible and can be extended prior / past Norvember 1 - March 31 if weather conditions require a response.    

When a cold weather alert is in place, any frontline service provider who comes into contact with an individual in need of shelter will be encouraged to take the extra step of ensuring that person has safe lodging arranged for the night.  

Cold Weather Strategy Committee Strategic Partners

The following agencies were involved in the development and continue to develop ongoing strategy to address homelessness and extreme cold weather response for Regina.

Government of Saskatchewan – Ministry of Social Services
Salvation Army
Street Culture Project Inc.
YWCA -   My Aunts Place / Kikinaw / Isabel Johnson Shelter
Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region – Brief Detox / Crisis Response Team
City of Regina / Regina City Police
Regina Mobile Crisis Services Inc.
Regina Transition House
Carmichael Outreach
Souls Harbour Rescue Mission
United Way Regina

Regina 2015 Homeless Count

On May 13, 2015 the YMCA of Regina and community partners came together to conduct the first-ever Point-in-Time Homeless Count. Over 150 volunteers and 34 organizations participated in the count. This effort is part of a broader collaboration with the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness to develop a harmonized approach to homeless counts nationally. Regina is among the first jurisdictions to implement measures towards a more standardized methodology, leading the way in Canada. This count serves two important functions: it provides a current snapshot of our overall homeless population and enables us to examine how this population changes over time. By aligning methods across Canada, we can examine trends using the same definitions. Ultimately, this helps us inform solutions to support the goal of ending homelessness.


A total of 232 people were enumerated on the night of the count. Results show:

  • 54.3% (126) of those counted were in emergency shelter
  • 26.7% (62) were in a transitional housing facility
  • 12.1% (28) were enumerated during the street count.
  • 6.9% (16) were sheltered in a public system (detox)
  • 3.4% {8} were either observed or self-reported they were sleeping rough (in parks, on the street, etc

Full Report is available in PDF Format.

Regina 2015 Homeless Count Final Report