Mobile Crisis Helpline

24 hours a day, 7 Days a Week


Mobile Crisis Helpline 24/7

Farm Stress Line

Call 1 800 667 4442 Available 24/7

Whether you live on the farm or in a rural Saskatchewan community as a youth, adult, family or senior in  you can call toll free and talk to one of our Crisis Counsellors.  

People living in the rural Saskatchewan experience the same stresses and worries as everyone else. These may include financial worries, difficulties at work or at home, domestic violence, relationship problems and issues around sexuallity,  Youth may experience bullying, racism, relationship stressors  and abuse.. . However rural Saskatchewan also faces barriers that are primarily associated with rural living. These may include little or no access to services, lack of public transport, isolation and loneliness.

Crisis Counsellors will help you assess and identify alternatives to address your immediate problems..  

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