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About Us

Mobile Crisis Services, Inc. is a non-profit community-based organization that has been providing crisis intervention services to Regina and province of Saskatchewan since 1974. The overall purpose of the agency is to provide integrated and comprehensive social and health crisis intervention services.

Mobile Crisis Services is governed by a volunteer board of directors. These volunteers contribute a significant amount of time to assist in the direction of programs and services for youth, individuals, families and seniors.

Services are provided on a 24-hour, seven day a week basis, in order to assure accessibility regardless of the time of day. The agency was formulated on the philosophy of “where services should be provided, they will be provided.” The agency represents an innovative approach to crisis intervention and is an integral part of the health and social service delivery systems. Mobile Crisis Services is committed to community health and the development of supportive communities.

The demand for crisis intervention services remains high with the agency responding to 23,286 calls during the 2014-15 fiscal year. Mobile Crisis Services receives funding from 7 different strategic partners.

Board of Directors

Chair: Grant Nicurity
Vice-Chair: Curtis Kemp 
Treasurer: Bob Hinchcliffe
Past-President: Doug Kean

Jacquelene Halliday - Director
Albert Robillard - Director
Marlo Medby - Director
Bev Wolfe- DirectorMarlo Medby - Director
Teresa Sebastian -Director
Janet Klemp – Ex-Officio

Mobile Crisis Services Annual Report 2018 

Charitable Number - 11904 3941 RR0001