About Mobile Crisis

Mission Statement

Regina Mobile Crisis Services, Inc. provides 24 hour comprehensive crisis response to our community.


The overall purpose of Mobile Crisis Services, Inc., is to provide an integrated, comprehensive, social and health crisis and emergency intervention service on a twenty four hour a day, seven days per week basis.

Services are provided on a 24 hour, seven day a week basis, in order to assure accessibility regardless of the time of day or night. Mobile Crisis Services was formulated on the philosophy of “where services should be provided, they will be provided.” The Agency truly represents an innovative approach to crisis intervention, and community referrals forming an integral part of the health and social service delivery systems. It is one of the most highly integrated and respected crisis services in North America. It has been used as a model for various services in Saskatchewan, other provinces, and the United States.

Our definition of health includes the social, psychological, physical and emotional needs of individuals.


Provision of prompt and effective service to people in crisis.

Provision of mandated child protection and financial services as an agent of the Ministry of Social Services primarily after office hours and 24 hours on weekends.

Provision of mandated after hours crisis response and screening as an agent of the Regina Mental Health Clinic.

Provision of assessment and presentation of Emergency Intervention Orders to a Justice of the Peace.

Provision of assessment and presentation of Emergency Protection for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation to a Justice of the Peace.

Provision of crisis counselling services in concert with community resources with the goal of linking those individuals identified as in crisis to appropriate resources where possible.

Services provided by Mobile Crisis Services, Inc., are provided on a twenty-four hour, seven day a week basis, in order to assure city residents access to help regardless of the time of the day, and in accordance with the specific expectation of certain Agency funders. In the provision of crisis services, the Agency works closely and in partnership with a number of other organizations, and service providers including the Regina Police Service, Ministry of Social Services, Regina Mental Health Clinic, Human Resources Development Canada, the City of Regina, hospitals (social workers, doctors, and nurses), Safe Shelters, Domestic Violence Outreach Program, Child and Youth Services, Detox Centre, Regina Family Services, representatives of a variety of Aboriginal child and family service programs, groups and community groups. The agency also actively participates on a number of local committees with the mandate of identifying service gaps, planning, and coordinating health and social service delivery (e.g. Family Violence Network, Child Abuse Protocol Committee, Provincial Coalition of Crisis Services and City of Regina-Emergency Social Services.)

24/7 Help Lines

Mobile Crisis Services can be accessed seven days a week, 24 hours a day by telephone:

Mobile Crisis Services: 757-0127
Child Abuse Line: 569-2724
Crisis Line: 525-5333
Gambling Help Line: 1-800-306-6789
Farm Stress line: 1-800-667-4442

All contacts/reports are confidential except for child welfare and crime. We do not subscribe to call display.


The Mobile Crisis Services website is for informational purposes only. We are unable to respond to requests for client services via this website.


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